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This package includes almost all of the classes offered at the International Virtual Tea Festival in recorded, video format. These will be available for you to access on your own schedule from November 12, 2020 through January 31, 2021.

These classes include the paid and free pre-recorded content as well as recordings of the Main Stage Livestream presentations. Inclusion of livestream classes is pending agreements with the speakers for those classes but we expect to be able to include several of them (no samples included with these versions, of course). 

The full list of paid livestream classes that are included will not be released until November 7. As you can imagine, while the instructors for those classes are happy to share their knowledge, they would also like to have every opportunity to have a full virtual classroom while they are live!

The package will be available for purchase even after the event if you wish to wait to purchase it until you know for sure what will be included. 

You will have access to these classes on the virtual event site. The pre-recorded classes that we are able to list now are already accessible for you to see the listings for them on the Paid Sessions page of the Schedule. Not all of these are listed yet as we are still securing access for them from the speakers. The recordings of paid livestream classes will not be accessible until November 12. 

(If you purchased a Deluxe or Deluxe (Lite) Tea Lover pass, you are entitled to a discount on this package - please email us at if you have not yet received it!)

Paid Pre-Recorded Sessions included (more to come):

Baking with Tea; Delicious Tea Lattes & Other Tea Based Beverages; History of Tea: East vs West; Innovations In Tea 2020; Multiple Infusions:Unlocking the Subtle Layers of Flavor in the Tea Leaf; Perfectly Paired Scones & Tea Tasting; Putting on an Inclusivi-Tea; Wagashi, Traditional Japanese Sweets

Paid Livestream Sessions included:

Will be listed on November 7.